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- Foundation Courses
- Career Courses
- Specialization Courses
- Short Term Courses



All NYCLD ATCs offer you a wide range of courses for KIDs to serious aspirents desiring to opt High-End state-of-art Computer Career. As per the scope of the course and the prospect these are categorised in few segments. These segments are as follows.

  • KIDs Course / Courses for School Students
  • Foundation Courses
    1. NYCLD - Smart (Specially for 10 & 10+2 appeared students)
    2. Certificate in Computer Application (C.C.A.)
    3. Diploma in Computer Application (D.C.A.)
  • Career Courses
    1. Diploma in Computer Programming (D.C.P.)
    2. Advance Diploma in Computer Application (A.D.C.A.)
    3. Diploma in Internet & Multimedia Programming (D.I.M.P.)
    4. Advance Software Management System (A.S.M.S.)
    5. Diploma in Financial Accounting (D.F.A.)
    6. Diploma in Desk Top Publishing (D.D.T.P.)
    7. Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking (D.C.H.N.)
  • Specialization Courses
    1. Desk Top Publishing (D.T.P.)
    2. Certificate in Financial Accounting (C.F.A.)
    3. PC Maintenance & Hardware Engineering (P.M.H.E.)
    4. NYCLD - Web Power (Specially for 10 & 10+2 appeared students)
    5. Certificate in Multimedia & Animation (C.M.A.)
    6. Certificate in Mobile Repairing (C.M.R.)
  • Short Term Courses

Please select a course and ckick on "GO" button to see the details including fee.


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  August 15, 2018

NYCLD Family wishes you all a very Happy Independence Day - 2018.

  October 28, 2017

NYCLD organizes ABDC-2017 (All Bengal Drawing Competition - 2017). For details contact your nearest branch of NYCLD.

  January 12, 2017

Team NYCLD wishes you all on National Youth Day 2017.

  January 12, 2016

Team NYCLD pays tribute to Swami Vivekananda on the occasion of National Youth Day.

  January 11, 2016

NYCLD requests to integrate our youth in India's progress & ensure youth-led development across the Nation.

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