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IT, the Information Technology and Computer, this wonderful machine amazed the world with the touch of key and with the click of a mouse. As we are leaving each day behind and facing the new one it is being accompanied with more and more amazement. It is very strange that god does not gift the computer. This man made and man controlled super power instrument can retrieve a huge amount of data instantaneously. The advent of e-mail, Internet, e-commerce and mobile communication has made the world a small town-like. The communication is becoming easier day by day. With the explosion of technology in this stream the acute need of trained professionals are also increasing fast. But, more than 80% of Indians are far away from these technological benefits. Realising the need of Computer Training for the mass level PC-TECH Computer Education started a Nationwide Literacy Program with a mission named "National Youth Computer Literacy Drive" to make Technology reach everyone with a disciplined training methodology, easier to learn and teach.


With the advancement of our civilization and as the world is progressing towards a better future, the word ‘IT’ has become a must in our lives. Can we still imagine a man sitting at the office and writing a long letter to some other branches and wasting his precious time? With the advent of e-mail and Internet one cannot just think of using a simple paper and pen when communicating with people has become so easy. Computers have changed information processing in a major way. In every field of a job or profession one has to know computer or otherwise he or she is considered to be an illiterate person. To make INDIA a much progressive country than today it is very important to make technology reach everyone, even the people living in remotest part of the country should become aware of what ‘IT’ is. Otherwise we cannot come to the conclusion that our country is no more a backward one.


NYCLD stands for National Youth Computer Literacy Drive. It is a nationwide computer literacy mission organised by PC-TECH, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Institution to spread IT awareness among the masses. The mission is encouraged by National IT Task Force Government of India and Computer Society of India (CSI). In today’s world, it has become a must to get aware of computers even in rural areas. Our mission is to impart IT education to the people who are economically backward and have never got the opportunity to come to the forefront. As it is at a very low cost we can reach all sections of the society.


Today the whole world is linked with the term ‘IT’. Because in any field of work from scientific research to agriculture, movie making to general studies, engineers to doctors, defense personnel to common man etc. computer has became a source of medium of sharing and communicating of views among individuals. NYCLD is engaged to provide state-of-art education guidance and placement for career seeking youth and literate the rests with the technical assistance of certified professionals/organisations from International and National Technology providers such as Microsoft Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Compitia etc. It is a grieving fact that INDIA being such a huge country there still remains people who just for the simple shake of money cannot get the rays of light. So, the main objective of our mission is to unfold those talents who upto today did not have the opportunity to explode themselves due to lack of proper guidance and economic backwardness. A student can select from a range of quality courses according to his or her necessity. The training is provided in English generally but as per requirements the courses are taught in Hindi or regional languages also.
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  August 15, 2018

NYCLD Family wishes you all a very Happy Independence Day - 2018.

  October 28, 2017

NYCLD organizes ABDC-2017 (All Bengal Drawing Competition - 2017). For details contact your nearest branch of NYCLD.

  January 12, 2017

Team NYCLD wishes you all on National Youth Day 2017.

  January 12, 2016

Team NYCLD pays tribute to Swami Vivekananda on the occasion of National Youth Day.

  January 11, 2016

NYCLD requests to integrate our youth in India's progress & ensure youth-led development across the Nation.

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